Prof. Skill
  • Javascript
  • React & Redux
  • Php & Mysql
  • Laravel
  • Docker
  • Next.js
  • Html & Css
  • Python
  • Wordpress
  • Deep Learning & Keras
  • 2000
    Journey has begun here

    when I was born, my life journey has begun.

  • 2013
    Started using computers
  • 2015
    Started to self-learn programming

    I started to self-learn programming with php.

  • 2018
    18th National skills competition

    I got fourth-place (medallion of excellence) in the 18th national skills competition in the Web Technologies field. fourth place was not so bad for an 18 years old boy, but not good enough. so I went for improving my technical knowledge and also implementation speed.

  • 2018 Sep.
    Start majoring in Computer Engineering
    I really enjoyed courses like:
    • Information retrieval which I learned to create a simple search engine (Github Repo)
    • Formal Languages and Automata which I created a graphical interface for designing finite automata (Github Repo)
    • Compiler design principles I fall in love with compilers and made a simple programming language using python (Github Repo)
    • Physics I implemented a constant acceleration simulation using pure Javascript and Canvas api (Github Repo)
  • 2020 Sep.
    Software Scientific Association
    I became a member of the Software Scientific Association at university and revived it from being abandoned:
  • 2021 Mar.
    💡🧠 Study about deep learning
    Artificial intelligence has always been a dream for me and I've been highly curious about it.
    but here, I started to study it with help of Prof. Nourani.
    • I read the "Deep learning with python, Francois Chollet" book and attended related MSc. courses as a guest in our university.
    • I learned Keras and worked on this project:
      we had shuffled titles and descriptions of 1 million books.
      I had to match every title with the correct description and finally, I got to achieve 75 percent accuracy.
      I generated 2 million true and false pairs out of the dataset and used Glove embedding and Siamese Network to learn the relation between title and descriptions.
      you can see my code on this Kaggle notebook.
    • I loved to train models using Keras and then run them on the web using Tensorflow.js. Handwritten digit recognition demo

  • 2021 Apr.
    🎧 Radio Semicolon
    The idea of Radio Semicolon was started by me and it was a computer-science related event that was held every week by our team.
    we held 9 episodes in telegram live voice stream.
    recorded files can be found both in the telegram channel and instagram page.
  • 2021 Aug.
    🥉 Asia skills competition

    I attended as Iran's representative for Web Technologies field and I was honored to secure the Bronze Medal.
    View Certificate

  • 2021 Dec.
    🥇 19th National Skills Competition
  • 2022 Jan.
    Front-End Engineer at

    I started to work in as a front-end engineer, the biggest e-commerce website in middle-east.
    Currently working here ✌️

  • 2022 Jun.
    Technical presenter, front-end skill up event at Sharif University of Tehran

    It was one of biggest Front-End events in Iran with over than 300 attendees.
    I performed a presentation about how browsers work. View Slides